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There are so many ways the iConsult will benefit your practice. Next to the stethescope, the iPad with iConsult is one of the most used pieces of equipment in our practices. In fact, we’ve had so much success with it that we’re now getting iPads and iConsults for reception staff too!

Increase compliance

Your clients need to be comfortable with your diagnosis to accept your treatment plan! If you can’t educate your clients effectively, you’re in trouble. The iConsult helps you to achieve a comfortable ‘Yes, please proceed’ from your client.

Convert phone shoppers

Need a powerful way to attract phone shoppers to choose your practice without dropping prices? The iConsult will help you! When you purchase the iConsult we’ll fill you in on a secret with how to get more clients calling you back to make an appointment for their pets surgical procedure or appointment.

Educate your client effectively

Clients retain just 20% of what you tell them during a consultation. Don’t believe me? Have you heard a client say ‘I wasn’t told that’ when you absolutely 100% know you told them? It’s even written in your history but they swear they weren’t told! Or perhaps you’ve overheard a client on the phone after a consultation telling their spouse wrong information about their pet not even 5 minutes after they left the consult room? The iConsult will make sure your client understands more and they can go home and ‘refresh their memory’ with the e-book you will send free of charge straight from the iPad in 3 seconds.

Increase value to your services

Are you still trying to explain a surgical procedure to your client using hand gestures or by stick drawings? Really? You want a client to say ‘Yes’ to a $3,000 TTA procedure with charades? With so much competition in the veterinary industry, you can’t afford for a client to go for a second opinion or Dr Google themselves out of the procedure altogether. The iConsult will effectively and professionally help you educate your clients. There will be no need for Dr Google or second opinions.

Staff training & consistency

Have all vets in your practice use the iConsult during every consult and send e-books. If you do, it doesn’t matter if your veterinarian has been out of university for 2 years or 10 years, the client will receive the same level of information. The iConsult will bring all of your vets to the same standard. It’s also a great training tool for nurses!

Retain clients

It’s amazing how many clients will seek out a new vet because they ‘just weren’t happy’ with their last vet. Why weren’t they happy? Most of the time it’s because the delivery of information by the veterinarian did not meet their expectations. Can you afford to lose clients? The iConsult helps you keep them.

Create the WOW factor

How are you different from the practice down the road? Imagine how impressed a client will be walking into your consult room and seeing an iPad mounted to the wall, then being shown images of their pets condition and having a professionally designed e-book emailed to them so they can read more at home. Do you think clients will talk to their friends about how their vet uses an iPad to explain things? Yes! Will this be your practice people are talking about, or your competitors?